Cancer Insurance

A cancer diagnosis can change an employee’s life. By offering Limited Benefit Cancer Insurance, an employer can help employees with their out-of-pocket expenses. They may use their benefits to pay for expenses such as mortgage, utilities, car payments, and more.


Here's How It Works

If cancer touches an employee or a covered family member, this plan may help ease the impact on their finances. Benefit payments are made directly to the employee, allowing them to pay for expenses like copayments, hospital stays, and house and car payments.

  • Family coverage available

  • Various plan benefits, including wellness, early detection, and mammograms

  • Radiation, chemo, and hormone therapy

  • Covers travel expenses, such as meals, transportation, and lodging

This product may contain limitations, exclusions, and waiting periods. This product is inappropriate for people who are eligible for Medicaid coverage. State deviations may apply.