Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

If an employer offers a High Deductible Health Plan, an HSA allows employees to use pre-tax dollars to pay for eligible out-of-pocket medical expenses. An HSA has several tax advantages:

  • Pre-tax contributions

  • Tax-free accumulation on earnings

  • Tax-free distributions for qualified medical expenses

Employees may use pre-tax funds to pay for eligible out-of-pocket medical expenses.

  • Balance may be rolled over year-to-year

  • Start, stop, or change contributions throughout the year

  • Accumulate interest in a money market account

  • They own the account—take it with them wherever they go

HSA Card

The HSA Card may be used to pay for eligible expenses.

  • Direct access to funds

  • Eliminate distribution wait time

  • Accepted at doctor’s offices, retailers, and pharmacies

Online Account Access

Employees may request distributions online before or after an expense is incurred. Employees choose how they get distributions:

  • Check by mail

  • Direct deposit

Mutual Fund Options

Participants with account balances above $2,500 may choose from a diversified offering of no-load mutual fund. The funds offerings cross all investment risk tolerances.

Current HSA Customer?

If the employee already has an HSA, they may log in to their account at