Section 125 Plan Administration

A Section 125 Plan helps employers maximize tax-saving opportunities. It is the cornerstone of any health and welfare benefit program. We have established a quality reputation with employers nationwide as a true partner with their industries.

What is a Section 125 Plan?

Under a Section 125 Plan, employees may deduct qualified insurance premiums on a pre-tax basis from wages. They may also set aside pre-tax funds for reimbursement accounts. This allows employers to enhance their benefit package. At the same time, their employees save money, even possibly increasing their take-home pay.

Advantages for Employers

  • Reduce tax (FICA and FUTA) expenses on pre-tax benefits

  • Increase employer’s ability to attract and retain quality employees

  • Employee education about the benefit plans the employer offers

How We Can Help

  • Help properly implement and maintain the Section 125 Plan

  • Employee education

  • Enrollment services

  • Ongoing service through the plan year

  • Help ensure compliance with our compliance support team